ORDINANCE NO.  475-2017


Be it ordained by the Governing Body of the City of Gas, Kansas:

Section 1.  That Section 2-309 of the Gas City Code shall hereby be amended to read as follows:

2-309.  Impounding

(a)    When any of the animals named in Section 2-308 shall be found at large in the city and not under the control of its owner or keeper, it shall be the duty of the person designated by the Mayor to take up such animal and keep it in a safe place temporarily until its owner or keeper may be found.  The officer of the city shall make diligent inquiry for the owners or keepers of any such animal and shall return the animal to the person lawfully entitled to the animal when ascertained.  The city shall be entitled to receive from any such person the cost of feeding and keeping of any animal taken up under this section at a rate of $5.00 per day per animal for fowl and $10.00 per day per animal for other livestock.  In addition to the cost of care, a total fee of $50.00 (not per animal) shall be paid to the city clerk as reimbursement to the city for the cost of impoundment.  All fees shall be paid prior to the animal or animals being released.

(b)   If the owner or the owner’s authorized agent does not pay all fees and claim the animal after five business days of when the animal is taken into custody, the city shall cause the livestock to be delivered to a public livestock market to be sold at such market to the highest bidder.  If no livestock market is available, the city shall advertise in the official city newspaper and sell the animal to the highest bidder.  All proceeds received by the city shall be paid to the general fund.

Section 2. PUBLICATION; EFFECTIVE DATE: This ordinance shall be published one time in the official city newspaper and shall take effect and be in force from and after said publication

Passed by the city council this 8th day of August, 2017, and signed by the mayor on the  11th day of August, 2017.

Darrel Catron, Mayor


Rhonda Hill, City Clerk